We can use Email Optin module or Email Optin Module Shortcode on any Divi blog and can increase the mailing list. The module supports many Emails marketing Services and some of them are MailChimp, Aweber, Feedburner etc. Before using any of the marketing Services, we have to first connect the Account. Suppose we are going to use MailChimp, for connecting the MailChimp Account we should follow the steps below:-

  • Go to Divi Theme Option.
  • Find a field called “MailChaimp API Key”.
  • Place the MailChimp key (Generate the API key from the MailChimp Account) in the Mailchimp API Key Field and also enable the Regenerate MailChimp List option.

divi shortcode guide

  • And finally click on Save Changes

Here is the Email Optin Module ShortCode :-

The above short code will give you the Email Optin As shown below:-

Optin Module Shortcode

Description for settings:-

  • General settings
  • Advanced settings
  • Custom CSS

General Settings:-  Basically General Settings have many setting options like Service provider, Title, Button text, Background color and many more but some of the important field in the general setting are described below in the image.

Optin Module Shortcode

Advanced Setting: – We can also do a lot of things in the “Advanced Design Settings”. We can do heavy customization in the Form Field (Background color, text color), Focus (Background color, Text color, Border color), Header (Font, size, color, letter spacing, line height), body (font, font size, line height, letter spacing), custom padding, custom Margin.

Custom CSS: – We can also advance our design using heavy customization in the Custom CSS section. This section can be found next to the “Advanced Design Settings” section. We can define the Custom CSS in this section using CSS ID and CSS class.

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Tested on Divi version 2.7.8

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